10 years of innovation

In September 2009 we began trading as Salary Exchange, a small group of HR and employee benefits professionals with over 50 years combined experience of HR and employee benefits.

Since then, we’ve overcome loads of different challenges and even rebranded to become what we are today, Caboodle Technology.

We’re now a 50-strong team based at The Quadrangle at Crewe Hall and we’re still growing. Over the last 10 years, we’ve built a culture and an environment we’re proud of, and we’re on a mission to help companies up and down the UK improve theirs too!

We’ve seen our in-house development team grow and continuously innovate our Salary Extras employee benefits platform. In 10 years, Salary Extras has become the most comprehensive benefits platform on the market and we’re still innovating.

Salary Extras now goes out to hundreds of thousands of employees across the UK!

We’ve done and achieved loads since we incorporated in 2009. Here’s our 10-year story!


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In 2009, we officially incorporated as Salary Exchange and began trading. We began as just a small team but with lots of experience and set up in the south wing of The Quadrangle at Crewe Hall. Our mission was to help make the workplace somewhere where employees can thrive and grow. The HR landscape was shifting, employees’ priorities and needs were changing, and we wanted to help businesses adapt to make the workplace a happy and enjoyable one for employees.

Our Salary Extras platform was launched for the first time. We incorporated Childcare Vouchers and our Bike Scheme and we wasted no time rolling it out to employers. Both schemes proved to be hugely popular!


In 2010, we introduced lifestyle benefits and added these to Salary Extras. This would go on to become a hugely important part of our offering with hundreds of thousands of employees saving every day through lifestyle benefits on Salary Extras.

We also gained the endorsement of Make UK (formerly EEF) and formed a relationship that is still going strong today! In 10 years, we’ve helped businesses in the manufacturing, engineering and technology sectors implement employee benefits and roll out schemes to thousands of employees.

By the end of 2010, we had a fully functioning Salary Extras platform including Bikes, Childcare and Lifestyle benefits and we’d begun establishing ourselves in the employee benefits space. Our small team of HR and employee benefits professionals were doing pretty well!

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By 2011, our small team had grown to around 10. We introduced computer and mobile phone schemes before adding one of the world’s leading loyalty discount schemes.

Both our team and our platform were continuing to grow and we were rolling out Salary Extras and our employee benefit schemes to more and more employees up and down the UK.

Our little team were doing great! And we had loads more we wanted to do. So, we continued to innovate and expand Salary Extras.


By the end of 2012, we’d introduced Holiday Trading, Parking and Travel Loan Schemes, giving employees more options when it came to work-life balance and commuting to work. While we knew the core benefits like Bikes, Childcare and Lifestyle were important, we also knew that in order to make the workplace truly adherent to employees’ changing needs, we needed to focus on introducing more schemes that would make life easier for employees.

We also looked to make Salary Extras easier to use, introducing our bespoke branding capabilities and back-end administration.



In 2013, we decided it was about time we expanded our office space! Some of our growing team expanded into the north wing of The Quadrangle.

And during this busy period, we still continued to develop yet more features and schemes to our platform!

Total Reward Statements and new integrated communication and engagement features were added bringing Salary Extras right up to date.


In 2014, we updated Salary Extras to provide the functionality that allowed clients to add bespoke modules, making the platform even more customisable and flexible. By this point, we’d developed Salary Extras into a fully configurable and bespoke platform which could suit the needs of any business.

As a result, the number of employees on Salary Extras continued to rapidly grow. We were making real strides in helping businesses up and down the UK of all shapes, sizes and industries implement employee benefits, making them a better place to work!

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2015 saw the launch of the ‘Enterprise’ edition of our platform. With our new customisability and bespoke options, we decided to launch a new, tailored version of Salary Extras, designed to meet the needs of every business in the UK. ‘Enterprise’ would go on to be hugely popular, delivering success in employee retention and engagement for large businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors. Our growing in-house development team would go on to innovate, maintain and enhance ‘Enterprise’ for companies like Toyota and Stonbury, delivering a tailor-made solution and offering agile responses to requirements and changes.

By now, our team had grown to around 20, and we would soon need to start thinking about expanding our office space again! By the end of 2015, Salary Extras was going out to over 200,000 employees across the UK.


2016 saw some big changes for us! We expanded again and moved everyone into the north wing of The Quadrangle to accommodate our team of now around 30 employees! We then set out on our mission to improve employee health and wellbeing. We launched our Health and Wellbeing proposition including an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), a healthy living library of information, Health Cash Plan, Dental Cover, Health Assessments and a Gym Scheme, all designed to give employees everything they need to improve their overall mental and physical wellbeing!

This was a huge step for us. We were keen to add Health and Wellbeing options to our platform and our incredible product and development teams were key to helping us achieve it! We now have one of the most comprehensive ranges of Health and Wellbeing benefits on the market, and with our bespoke tailoring capabilities we can also incorporate any existing benefits.



2017 was one of the most important years in our history. Salary Extras had developed into the most comprehensive employee benefits platforms on the market but we felt our Salary Exchange name no longer reflected what we were about, so we chose to rebrand!

We decided on the name ‘Caboodle’ as it reflected more on what our proposition had grown to –  a company who could deliver ‘the whole kit and caboodle’ providing everything an employer would need to engage and reward their staff!

The introduction of the word ‘Technology’ to our name was also hugely important in reflecting us as a team. Over the last 10 years, we’ve continually innovated and updated our platform, thanks to our expert, in-house development team. They just can’t help themselves – they’re always innovating, and Salary Extras wouldn’t be what it is today without them! In developing our proposition ourselves, we’re able to work in an agile and efficient way in order to deliver highly technical solutions quickly and efficently.

We also achieved our ISO27001 certification, a big moment for us! We still maintain this certification to this day and demonstrates our commitment to the security of Salary Extras users.

To round off 2017, we won Business of the Year (11-50 employees) at the Cheshire Business awards! After 8 years of growth, development and overcoming various different challenges, we had won our first award! 2017 was one to remember for us and would set the tone for the following years!


To add to our successes in 2017, we raised £3,331 for the Alder Hey Children’s charity! Our growing team took on our first ever 80 Days Around the World Challenge, the Alder Hey Coniston Challenge and the Colour Run at Aintree all in aid of the children’s charity.

This was just the beginning for us when it came to fundraising, which is something we would go on to do in the following years raising even more for some fantastic charities! There’s more on our Just Giving page for 2017 here.

caboodle eb connect 2018



In 2018, we gained further recognition for our growth and achievements by being named in the top 100 companies at the Northern Tech Awards, alongside the likes of UKFast and The Hut Group. We were delighted our growth was being recognised as we expanded our team to over 40!

2018 also saw the launch of our Financial Wellbeing benefits range, including Salary Deducted Loans, Workplace ISA’s, Financial Education and the Christmas Club scheme. While we already offered a number of schemes to help employees make their pay go further, these new schemes would help employees to make full use of salary sacrifice, providing them more options and helping them manage and take control of their finances in the most efficient way.

Throughout 2018 we continued to establish ourselves with our new name and our new brand. We attended EB Connect and The HR Software Show to show off our new colours and our ever-expanding Salary Extras platform. We continued to roll out Salary Extras to more and more employees up and down the UK while continually updating and innovating our platform!

While our growth and expansion were highlights of 2018, one of our biggest achievements was raising over £6,000 in our first year of fundraising for our now charity partners Cure Leukaemia! We took on loads of different challenges and even gained a ‘Special Recognition’ award from the Birmingham-based charity!



2019 promised to be a big year for us! As of September 2019, our team has grown to over 50 and again we’re looking to expand our office space in The Quadrangle at Crewe Hall to accommodate our expanding group!

In February, we simultaneously launched Flexible Benefits and Reward and Recognition. We saw a shift in the demands of employees for flexible benefit options and our development team were keen to introduce to the platform what they had been working on! We also saw a shift in focus by companies on improving retention as many UK businesses switched on to the fact that poor retention can cost them thousands per year. So, we introduced a low-cost way to boost retention in the form of Reward and Recognition through Salary Extras! Both continue to be important and hugely popular features of our platform.

2019 has also seen some of our biggest charity challenges yet! You can see how much we’ve raised on our Just Giving page. We’ve rowed for 24 hours straight, completed a military-style bootcamp, run, cycled and lots more to fundraise for another year for our amazing charity partners Cure Leukaemia!

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Over the last 10 years, we’ve not only seen our Salary Extras platform grow, we’ve seen everyone who has been part of the Caboodle team, past or present, grow both personally and professionally.

We’re proud of our culture and we’re excited for the future! We’re hugely ambitious, and we’ve got lots more in the pipeline and loads more to achieve.

Here’s to another 10 years and beyond!

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