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I’ve always been interested in marketing and graduated with a degree in 2017 from Keele University. After graduating I worked abroad for 3 months as a digital marketer with an app development company and gained some great experience.

I joined caboodle in December 2017 as a Marketing Executive. This was an exciting time to join as the company had just rebranded.

The role really appealed to me because it was a great opportunity to build on the skills I’d already gained while gaining invaluable experience in new areas of marketing.

A year on and I feel like I've really developed my digital media skills and my understanding of the world of marketing. Caboodle have invested in providing me with the tools I need to do my job more effectively. I feel valued and that I can share my opinions and offer suggestions freely.

The best bit about working for caboodle is the level of trust I feel and the responsibility I’m given. It’s helped me develop my skills and helped me make a difference at the company in my role.

Gareth Lillis
Marketing Executive

Prior to joining caboodle, I’d been studying animal management at college, but decided it wasn’t for me.

I applied for a Business Administrator Apprentice role and joined caboodle in June 2016. The role appealed to me because it involved working with computers and I wanted to continue learning and to try out new things.

Since I joined the company, I’ve been promoted a couple of times to Client Services Co-ordinator and then again to Senior Client Services Co-ordinator. I’ve really grown in confidence dealing with customers, training new staff and taking on new responsibilities.

The best bit about working for caboodle is the support I’ve had to progress my career and the confidence I’ve gained. I’ve made a lot of new friends too which is a real bonus.

Mia Rogerson
Client Services Co-ordinator

I previously worked in a local warehouse but knew that I wanted to do something more interesting with my career as well as ensure I didn’t have to work unsociable hours.

I applied for a Business Administration Apprentice role and joined caboodle in September 2017. The role appealed to me as it would allow me to keep earning, whilst working towards a professional qualification. As an office based job, it also meant I could work sensible hours.

Since joining the company I’ve completed level 2 in my apprenticeship and am now going on to level 3. I’ve also been promoted to a Senior Business Administrator and am now supporting other apprentices in the business.

The best bit about caboodle is the great teamwork, friendly environment and the support of the business in helping me to progress by funding my level 3. The employee benefits are really good too – as you’d expect from an employee benefits company.

Jess Davies
Senior Business Administrator

My passion for IT lead me down the route of studying for a HND in Computing & Systems Development at Mid Cheshire College. I did this while working part time in a previous retail job, so I became good at juggling work and study.

I joined caboodle in December 2017 as a developer – a role that really appealed to me as it meant I could use my IT skills. The location was local for me and the employee benefits on offer were great.

In the past year, I’ve really developed my IT skills, learning about new frameworks and systems. I’ve been involved in development to deliver bespoke web requirements for some large clients too.

The best bit about working for caboodle is the relaxed and easy-going approach the company has towards its employees.

Alex Stubbs

I hadn’t really got a clear idea of what kind of career I wanted. I worked as a waitress for a while and knew that it wasn’t the long-term career for me. I enrolled on a part time book-keeping course, juggling my waitressing job with my studies and really enjoyed it.

I joined caboodle in October 2013 as a Scheme Administrator, I was really pleased when I was offered this job as I could start to develop the administrative skills I needed to progress.

After being with the company for 3 months, I was really pleased to be offered a role as an Accounts Assistant. This allowed me to develop my skills with the support of our book-keeper and begin training towards the Accounting Association Technician’s qualification. I continued in this role for 3 years and the team began to grow.

Following a team restructure, I was delighted to be promoted to Accounts Manager in November 2017, and I’m now responsible for managing the team. Having that kind of recognition and company confidence in me has made me realise that finance is definitely the right career for me.

The best bit about working for caboodle is how great they are at supporting people to grow and develop. Everyone is so friendly too. Looking back now I have achieved so much in 5 years with their help and look forward to many more to come!

Annie Farrington
Accounts Manager

I had a hankering to either be an international recording artist or to become part of the senior management structure of a company in a sales and customer service environment. Alas my singing career was not to be, so I focussed my energy on customer service and sales roles.

I joined caboodle in Feb 2014 as a New Business Co-ordinator in the sales team. I liked the idea of working a small company where I felt like I could make a difference with plenty of opportunity to progress. In all honesty I was completely wowed by the company’s product and service and wanted to be part of growth and success of the company.

I’ve had a few roles since joining the company including New Business Co-ordinator, Internal Sales Manager and Foundation Client Services Manager.

In my current role of Head of Client Services, I’m part of the senior management team and am responsible for a large team looking after all aspects of client services.

The best bit about working for caboodle is I feel valued and that I’m making a real difference to the success of the business. I thoroughly enjoy my job and the responsibility I am given with the freedom to make decisions to achieve my objectives. I feel there is still opportunity for me progress with company. I’ve got a good work / life balance. The Directors are real human people, who interact daily with all members of staff.

Emma Lomax
Head of Client Services

Before joining caboodle, I lived in central London and worked as an executive PA across several industries. I’d toyed with the idea of working in HR but never did anything about it.

I moved to Cheshire in 2013 and applied for an administrator role at caboodle. It wasn’t my ideal role, but in all honesty, I’d just moved to the area and found it hard to find work, so applied for anything I could.

I settled into the company well and I took on different roles including Credit Control, some ad hoc office management duties and supported with HR. I started studying for a CIPD Foundation qualification in HR and passed in 2017.

In 2017 I was delighted to be offered the role of full time HR & Office Manager at caboodle and I’ve continued with my studies, working on CIPD level 5 Intermediate qualification.

The best bit about working for caboodle is the company’s willingness to invest in and train their employees and let them try out roles in different areas of the business. The people are great and we have fun in the office. I’ve enjoyed the challenges and I really appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given.

Anne Wade
HR Manager

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