COVID-19: We’re here to help you

The Coronavirus outbreak has brought with it numerous challenges for businesses and employees across the world.

At caboodle, we have a number of ways in which we can support businesses and employees in facing these challenges.

Read on to find out more.

Reward and recognition – showing your appreciation


Employees up and down the country are working hard to help everyone through this tough time, so recognising them for their efforts is more important than ever.

It’s not just front-line staff who perhaps need some recognition. We know it can be difficult to stay connected and motivated while remote working. Long periods of isolation can take a toll on your employees’ mental wellbeing too.

This is where an employee recognition scheme could help.

reward and recognition
reward and recognition

Peer to peer thank you messaging

Through the caboodle recognition scheme, we provide a peer to peer messaging service to help you stay engaged with your workforce.

The scheme makes it quick and easy to send out a personal thank you to individuals for a job well done. Your team will be able to keep in touch with each other and celebrate at a personal level as well by sending birthday ECards for example.


Employee awards

Also, part of our recognition scheme is the ability to set up employee awards. This could be pretty much anything you want to offer. They don’t have to have a big cost to them either.

Here’s some examples:

Letting people finish work early, take a longer lunch, a free cuppa in the staff canteen or a discount off your own products perhaps.

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Reward and recognition on Salary Extras not only makes this a quick, simple and easy process, but is highly configurable and customisable to suit your business.

Holiday trading – Reducing payroll costs & managing staffing levels


Since the outbreak, many of our clients have used Holiday Trading to achieve greater control over their payroll and working hours of their staff.

Whilst for some companies there’s a clear need to use the furlough scheme for some staff, there may be groups of employees who you need to keep working, but perhaps on reduced hours.

This is where Holiday Trading can really help. By getting those essential employees to buy extras days holidays and take the time off over an agreed period, you can effectively reduce their hours or days they work each week.

caboodle coronavirus covid19 employee benefits
caboodle coronavirus covid19 employee benefits

Here’s an example:


An employee purchasing an extra 12 days annual leave could use one day a week over 12 weeks, thus reducing their working week by one day a week for 12 weeks. Or you might want them to work their usual days but shorter hours.

The cost of the extra days holiday is spread over a period of time set by the employer, whether that’s 6 months, 12 months or whatever the employer chooses.

The company benefits from a reduced payroll and NI, without losing the employee altogether and without any difficult salary restructuring.

To see how this could work for your business, get in touch and we’ll walk you through.

Employer benefits

  • Employers have greater control over their payroll
  • Staff can stay working for the business to help the company through the current situation
  • Helps avoid difficult salary restructuring when reducing working hours
  • The scheme and its use can be tailored to suit the company’s action plan to deal with the COVID-19 crisis.


Employee benefits

  • Employees avoid taking a big hit to their salary in the short-term
  • Can spread the cost of their extra annual leave
  • Recent UK Government changes in response to COVID-19 mean any annual leave not used this year can be carried over into the next two years (up to 4 weeks)
  • Those with families or caring responsibilities can better manage their work-life balance to help with home schooling or caring for family members.


Shopping discounts – Helping employees with the financial impact of COVID-19


Instant discount codes provide employees instant savings delivered straight to their email on just about anything from grocery shopping to electricals.

The financial impact of the Coronavirus outbreak has hit many of us, leaving most people looking for ways to cut costs and make savings as we prepare for a period of financial uncertainty.


Here’s some examples of how instant discounts could help right now:

  • The family food shop with Tesco and Sainsbury’s
  • Tech and gadgets to help with home schooling or to keep them entertained through Currys PC world
  • Bike parts and accessories to help people get their daily exercise
  • DIY to keep them busy when they’re not working through B&Q.


Providing your employees with savings and discounts will help their pay cheque go that bit further and might just help them through this difficult financial period.

instant discounts cinema benefits
technology scheme

Technology Scheme – Making tech more affordable for home schooling and remote working


The Technology Scheme gives employees an affordable way to get the latest tech by paying directly through their net monthly or weekly pay, spreading the cost over a period of time.

The scheme gives families a way to get their hands on the tech they need to support with home schooling or home entertainment, with no upfront payments or credit checks to worry about.

Employees can also use the scheme to get their hands on any supporting equipment to aid remote working and make working from home a little easier and more efficient.

Employee Assistance Programme – Supporting employees with their mental health


The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provides 24/7, completely confidential support, 365 days a year with help and advice for all manner of challenges including emotional problems, legal information, bereavement and medical information.

Full-time remote working can be hard for the mind to adjust to and the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak are a challenge for us all.

Having a support channel for staff feeling the mental strain of the current situation can help provide that much needed assistance to help deal with any mental health challenges or simply keep those challenges at bay.

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employee assistance programme
bike to work scheme

Bike to Work Scheme – A healthier alternative to public transport


With the Bike to Work scheme, employees can make significant savings on a brand-new bike and accessories by paying monthly through a salary sacrifice arrangement.

For staff still required to commute in to work using public transport, the Bike to Work Scheme could help with social distancing and minimising health risks. Furthermore, with the Tax and NI savings employees make through the scheme, it may well work out cheaper than public transport.

The scheme is great for employees also looking to incorporate exercise into their day while gyms and leisure centres remain closed or limited in availability. The scheme includes electric bikes too, so it’s more accessible to those with longer commutes.

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Our values & commitment to you are as strong as ever


While we are faced with a period of uncertainty, we’re investing in our Salary Extras platform and all its benefits and features more than ever. Our in-house development team remain the driving force behind the continuous innovation of our platform.

We’ll consistently update and improve Salary Extras, meaning you as the end user will continue to benefit from an employee benefits platform that is fully up-to-date and full of brand-new features.

We’ll remain here, as we always have, to provide outstanding customer service. Whether you’re a client, partner or you’re simply interested in what we do, you’ll still get the same outstanding customer service as ever.

The security of you and your employees is as important to us as ever and we’re fully committed to maintaining our ISO 27001 certification.


As ever, we’re here to provide a solution that fits your business and its budget and requirements. We’re not a one-size-fits-all solution, we know every company is different and that’s still at the forefront of what we offer.

Whether it’s a single benefit scheme or the whole kit and caboodle, we’ll provide a solution to help you through the uncertain times ahead.

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