commuting loans
commuting loans
The cost of commuting to work continues to rise and for some this can be a real burden. So increasingly, employers are looking for ways to make transport more affordable for their employees, to help retain staff.

The commuting loans scheme offers your employees a loan to meet the costs of travelling to work such as rail, tram or bus season tickets and car parking. The loan repayments are made from the employees’ net pay and you can set a maximum loan amount and decide the number of months your employees have to make the repayments.

Improve recruitment, retention and save your staff money through commuting loans with Salary Extras.

Employee benefits

  • Employees have the option to make savings on the cost of their commute by purchasing a season ticket and/or parking pass, rather than paying monthly or less
  • Repayment costs are spread over several months making it more affordable
  • Employees have the choice of which travel provider or car park they want to use
  • The commuting loan is interest free for employees.

Employer benefits

  • The scheme can be tailored to the company’s requirements and needs
  • Employers can set a maximum spend limit
  • Helps staff retention by helping employees save on their commute
  • Companies can recruit from further afield by offering more affordable transport options for those who need to travel by train
  • Minimal admin as employees source their own passes and season tickets.

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