eyecare employee benefits
eyecare employee benefits
The Eyecare Voucher scheme helps you make regular and important eyecare options available to your employees in a way that is cost-effective and easy for all involved.

We’ve partnered with leading opticians Smart Employee Eyecare (SEE) to provide you an easy-to-use and easy-to-administrate eyecare voucher scheme that is completely flexible and cost effective to suit your needs.

Whatever industry or working environment you operate in, eyecare is essential to support health and wellbeing as well as safety in the workplace.

As with everything we do, we’ve made the scheme easy to manage and administrate through Salary Extras with reports and key information available in an instant.

Another key part of what we do is flexibility in meeting the needs of both employers and employees. The Eyecare Voucher scheme is no different and provides a number of features that help you tailor the scheme to you and your employees.

Employee benefits

  • Access to over 3,000 specialist opticians throughout the UK and Ireland
  • Helps employees prevent long term vision problems by helping identify sight issues early
  • A quick and easy application process
  • Employees who need glasses for VDU use can access a free pair of glasses
  • Discounts on glasses upgrades for employees who use them for general use.


Employer benefits

  • Employers can dictate the savings available to employees by topping up and contributing to discounts
  • Cost-effective to run and can be set up to suit employer budget
  • Easy-to-manage scheme with very little admin required
  • Management information available instantly
  • Level of control and management of the scheme can be completely tailored to suit the employer
  • Demonstrates strong commitment to health and wellbeing of employees.

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