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Help employees shed some pounds and trim the cost through the gym scheme, offering discounted rates at over 3,000 health clubs, fitness centres, gyms and leisure centres across the UK and Ireland.

Keeping physically active is the basis for a healthier lifestyle. It also has loads of benefits for employers with reduced absences and a generally happier workforce. With the gym scheme, employees can get discounted rates at over 3,000 gyms and health clubs nationwide.

Improved employee health and wellbeing can greatly improve productivity and the gym scheme is a vital part of any health and wellbeing employee benefits package. There are discounted gym membership schemes at Total Fitness, Pure Gym, Bannatynes and many others on offer.

There’s different clubs to suit personal preferences from low cost authority run centres to the high street names.

Keeping fit and healthy can be expensive, but with discounted gym membership schemes, your employees can save all year round and keep on top of their health and wellbeing.

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