salary sacrifice schemes
salary sacrifice schemes
Increasingly, employees are looking for their employers to provide better flexible working practices. To support flexible working policies, many companies are now introducing holiday trading schemes as a benefit for staff to demonstrate a commitment towards flexible working and improve employee satisfaction.

Our scheme is tailored for each client according to your exact rules and requirements.

You have the flexibility to choose how the holiday trading scheme works for you and set up your own rules. You can restrict the scheme to just buying or just selling holiday, depending on your company’s needs.

It really depends on what your objectives are and whether you want to save the business money, or do you want more man hours without recruiting additional staff?

Holiday trading really appeals to staff looking to take extra days off to spend more time with family or to go on a long holiday.

Employee benefits

  • Employees pay for the extra days from their gross salary over a set period, spreading the cost
  • They make savings on tax and NI
  • Allows employees to take extra time off for special events or just to spend more time with family
  • Helps staff achieve a better work / life balance.

Employer benefits

  • Employers can save money in salary costs and reduced employer NI
  • Where employees opt to sell holidays, employers benefit from additional man hours from existing staff, reducing the need to recruit
  • Helps to improve staff retention and reduce absenteeism.

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salary sacrifice schemes

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salary sacrifice schemes

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