Liftshare is a great way to cut both the cost of travelling for employees, as well as ease work place car parking issues. It also helps a company to demonstrate their commitment to green initiatives.

This car share scheme is free for employees to use and our online platform gives them information about colleagues who’ve opted in to the scheme and who live locally to them. Useful route planners provide instant routes to colleagues’ addresses. Unlike some public car share schemes, your employees’ information will only be shared with their company colleagues.

Demonstrate your green credentials

Show off your company’s green credentials by encouraging employees to save fuel and travel together.

The average UK employee commutes around 8,000 miles a year to and from work. This work’s out at an average of 2 tonnes of Co2 emitted every year! Introducing Liftshare could cut that in half, saving a tonne of Co2 emissions per employee per year.

Of course, this varies per employee, but cutting the emissions emitted by your employees in half will go a long way to reinforcing the green credentials of your business.

Employee benefits

  • Cut the cost of travelling
  • Avoid parking issues
  • A more environmentally friendly way to commute.

Employer benefits

  • Eases pressure of providing parking
  • Supports green credentials
  • Compliments other popular schemes such as the Bike Scheme
  • Completely admin free.

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