salary sacrifice schemes
salary sacrifice schemes
Even with recent government changes, the salary sacrifice car scheme is still increasingly popular. This salary sacrifice option is a great way for employers to save money, whilst providing a car benefit scheme that has great appeal to its employees.

Employers are often put off setting up car salary sacrifice schemes because they’re concerned about the financial risks to their business. That’s where our car benefit scheme is different because we’ve teamed up with a car salary sacrifice specialist with a risk free car benefits solution.

This salary sacrifice car scheme includes all the usual motoring costs, such as insurance and servicing, so all the employee needs to do is add fuel.

The more CO2 efficient cars will provide employees and employers with more tax and NI savings.

This cost neutral benefit has some great advantages for both employee and employers.

Employee benefits

  • Brand new cars delivered to employees anywhere in the UK
  • There are no deposits, set up fees or credit checks to worry about
  • Servicing, maintenance repairs, tyres, European RAC Cover, road tax and fully comprehensive insurance are included, making budgeting so much easier
  • The employee may benefit from tax and NI savings (depending on the CO2 emission) as the salary deduction is made from gross pay
  • A salary sacrifice car scheme calculator tool is available so your employees can check out the total cost before they order, along with any tax and NI savings they could make
  • Service Assist – a 24 hour helpline is included, to provide support in the event of a breakdown or accident and also when the car needs servicing or repair
  • Through the scheme, employees have access to over 5,000 car makes, models and specifications
  • Ordering is easy through the website, supported by dedicated telephone and email support, assisting employees every step of the way
  • Additional named drivers can be included on the insurance policy which can include children residing at the same address.

Employer benefits

  • We manage the entire scheme – from set up, employee enrolment and to delivery of the vehicle, ensuring minimal employer involvement
  • The scheme is low cost and cost effective to run
  • It is designed to run throughout the year so people can apply at any time, ensuring maximum take up and company savings
  • Employers can set a maximum spending limit for employees and different limits can be set for different groups of people
  • Insurance is provided for the driver for both domestic and business travel
  • The scheme can run as a green car scheme for companies wanting to only include CO2 efficient cars
  • The employer has the option to set up the scheme so it generates savings to cover any costs for administering the scheme
  • If an employee leaves the company, the car is returned and the lease payments will cease
  • There is the potential to save money through reduced mileage reimbursement for business mileage
  • You will be provided with an administration platform with real time access to applications and the facility for you to approve applications
  • Our Helpdesk Support Team will be on hand to answer any questions your employees may have and they enrol directly with us, either online or by telephone
  • We can manage all the paperwork for you.

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