2020 caboodle year

2020 at caboodle: our year in review

2020 caboodle year
What a year! Despite all the challenges our team have faced, we’ve pulled together at caboodle and we’ve taken on 2020 headfirst!

It’s not been easy for anyone in 2020, but despite this we’ve had a year full of highlights!

Here are just a few of them, and here’s how we tackled 2020 at caboodle and all of its unexpected challenges.


Our thriving culture

Despite all the team moving from our lovely office in The Quadrangle at Crewe Hall to working from home since the beginning of March, we’ve maintained and built on our amazing company culture!

We’ve added to our team and our client-base and continued to grow despite all the challenges thrown at us in 2020.

Our team have stepped up and worked incredibly hard to help our clients and each other through a difficult year.

We’ve kept up many of the charity events we usually would from the office and we’ve kept our team connected in a number of different ways.

As a result, despite the difficulties of 2020, we’ve had a successful year and we’ve grown the team too!


Our transition to remote working

The transition to working from home was seamless! But we can’t lie, we missed the atmosphere in our office.

We’ve missed our charity challenges and competitions, our group training sessions over at the gym at Crewe Hall and the banter in the office to name a few things.

But we haven’t let remote working get in the way!

We’ve had our own ‘Joe-Wicks-style’ gym sessions on Zoom and kept fit and active at home and out and about while raising loads for charity!

We’ve kept the team connected through social media groups and lunchtime catchups throughout the week.

And we’ve not stopped fundraising for Cure Leukaemia despite all the restrictions either!

So, despite working from home, and while we hope to return to our office at Crewe Hall in 2021, we’ve embraced working from home and our culture has grown even stronger.


caboodle year

Raising over £7,400 for Cure Leukaemia

The restrictions in 2020 meant fundraising events across the world had to be cancelled or postponed. As a result, charities like our charity partners Cure Leukaemia were set to lose millions.

Despite the restrictions and the cancelled and postponed events, we pushed on and raised over £7,400!

We set ourselves loads of charity challenges! We’ve packed bags in Asda, completed our own 2.6 challenge (some of us cycling 26 miles a day for 26 days!), held our own 500km cycling event over 4 days and helped publish a recipe book that’s raised over £1,900 as of the end of 2020 to name just a few!

In total we’ve cycled over 5000 miles and despite the restrictions and the challenges, we’ve motivated each other to push the boundaries of our fitness and raise thousands for a cause we love!

Read more about our fundraising efforts from 2020 on our

You can also read about one of the most heart-warming charity stories we’ve been involved in this year, the story of 9 year old Emilia who has written her own recipe book to fundraise for Cure Leukaemia, on our blog here.


Supporting clients and employees with 3 new employee benefit schemes

Despite the challenges, our team worked incredibly hard to support our fantastic clients and partners and introduce 3 new employee benefit schemes.

MotorSave, Eyecare and Financial Planning were all launched to help employees save money, manage their finances, stay safe on the roads and look after their health.

Our wide range of schemes has broadened even further, providing options for employers that help deal with some of the key issues that have arisen this year around employee financial wellbeing and health and wellbeing.

In 2020, we looked at the key areas of concern for businesses when it came to looking after their staff. In response, we introduced these new schemes to help companies and their staff overcome some of the most difficult challenges of 2020 and beyond.


caboodle 2020

Our team have achieved loads this year, not just at caboodle but in their own lives too! There’s been 3 new babies, 5 house moves, 1 international relocation and 8 new pets to name a few!

We’ve also seen lots of our team progress in their professional lives too, achieving new qualifications and advancing in their roles and careers at caboodle.

At the end of it all, our team have outdone themselves this year and helped not just caboodle through a turbulent year but our clients and their employees too.


Before you go, here are 3 lessons we learned in 2020 which we hope you’ll find useful going into 2021!

1. Keep your culture alive with remote working!

Just because staff are away from the usual workplace or even on furlough, there are digital versions of just about everything to help keep your culture alive.

There’s nothing that can quite replicate the atmosphere of the workplace or face-to-face interaction, but there are plenty of alternatives including the ones mentioned in this article!


2. Make keeping your team connected a top priority

Keeping your team connected is crucial. Too much isolation damages mental health.

Incorporating 5 or 10 minute catchups during the working day might sound like it takes away from productivity but in the long-run it will actually boost productivity and help create a happier team and a stronger culture.

Put your people and their mental health first. Look after your people and they’ll look after you!


3. Fundraise for charity!

If you don’t already fundraise for charity, this is a perfect way to bring your team together even during periods of isolation.

Set team challenges and set up Strava leaderboards for your company or team. Promote it through social media and help a charity during these difficult times!

Charities are predicted to have seen over a £12bn shortfall from 2020. Get creative, set challenges and you’ll see the benefit not just for you but for your team!