apple employee benefits uk

What perks do you get working for Apple?

apple employee benefits uk
By Gareth Lillis
What does Apple, a company with over 132,000 employees and a worth of over $1 Trillion, offer their employees in employee benefits?

We’ll cover that here, but what they offer certainly works. In 2019 they were voted by employees as Indeed’s best UK employer. The main factors cited were work culture, free or discounted products and good rates of pay.

When it comes to employee benefits at Apple, only employees can get a complete overview of what they offer. However, some of their most popular perks are well documented.

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Health & Wellbeing Focus

Apple clearly have a big focus on health and wellbeing. Most companies these days offer some sort of gym discount as part of their employee benefits, and Apple are no different.

Of course, being one of the worlds biggest companies they have a centre for fitness and wellness including a gym, dieticians, personal trainers, massage therapists and physiotherapists. All of this is available to their employees based in Cupertino, California.

As part of their health and wellbeing package, they also offer an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). These are becoming more and more popular with employers of all sizes given their popularity and effectiveness.

With a rise in diagnoses of mental health conditions, it’s more important than ever for employers to offer confidential support for employees, and an EAP does just that.

Apple also offer a generous health and dental insurance package, which is important for most companies to offer, but even more important in The States where healthcare costs can be a huge burden.


Commuting Benefits

Apple do a lot to help their employees with their commute to work. They offer a cycle to work scheme and provide discounts on local public transport.

apple employee benefits uk

Any benefit that helps employees get to work or reduce the cost of their commute is highly beneficial for both employers and employees. For Apple, offering these benefits are almost a necessity in order to attract and retain top talent in the highly competitive area of Silicon Valley.

There are a few key benefits employers can offer their employees to help with their commute.

The cycle to work scheme is one of the most popular employee benefits out there, while commuting loans can help employees with season passes for public transport or parking fees.


Incentives for hard-workers

Employees who work night shifts and weekends get free food in the onsite cafeteria. Apples are also free! (Obviously!)

There’s also events for employees with live music, free beer and appetisers. Apple always make sure they’re rewarding and recognising their hard-working employees with popular employee benefits.

Hard-working employees should always be rewarded. If an employee goes the extra mile for your business, the business should go the extra mile for them.


Employee Discounts and Stocks

Employees at Apple get discounts on products for them and their families, while they also get discounted stock purchase options.

The product or service you offer should be offered at a discounted rate where possible to the employees who work hard on making it a success. Offering discounted stock purchase options to those hard-working employees is also a great idea.


Many employee benefits at Apple are accessible for lots of companies

Of course, not all companies have the resources like Apple do to reward their staff, however there are simple things in there that many employers can take on-board.

Employee benefits like cycle to work are very popular and most companies offer this as a core benefit. Free apples wont cost much, but they’re a nice touch.

Most of the benefits and perks mentioned here are accessible for businesses of all sizes. Does your company offer these?


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