back to school benefits


Updated: ‘Back to School’ employee benefits guide

back to school benefits
Need a little helping hand this ‘Back to School’ season? We’ve updated our ‘Back to School’ Benefits Guide to help you get an idea of how your employer can help you.


Childcare Vouchers

You could save up to £933 per year on childcare costs with Childcare Vouchers.

Why it will help you: When the kids go back to school, there’s a whole bunch of costs that come with it. It could be new stationary, a new school bag or a new uniform. And every year it feels like these costs increase. If you’re eligible for Childcare Vouchers, you could save a ton of money every year!

The details: In March 2018, the Government decided to push back the closure of the Childcare Voucher scheme from April to 4th October 2018. If you join the scheme before the closure date, you can still continue to take Childcare Vouchers after this date.

The scheme will be replaced by a Tax Free Childcare scheme where the Government will contribute £2 for every £8 you deposit into a Tax Free Childcare account.


Flexible Working Time

Why it will help you: For some parents, the only way to make sure they’re available to pick their kids up at the end of the school day is to switch to working part-time. However, if your employer has a more flexible working policy, you could work longer some days and less on other days, meaning that making arrangements is much easier.

More and more companies are offering a flexible working policy as demand for it increases.

The details: You have a right to request a flexible working policy if you’ve been with your employer for more than 26 weeks. In most cases, this involves being able to take a few hours out of one day and making them up over time.

It may also be worth asking your employer if you can work from home for one or two days a week, particularly if you live far away.


Technology scheme

Why it will help you: A technology scheme is a great, affordable way to pay for your new gadgets. So if your kids need a new laptop or a new piece of tech for the new term, look no further.

The details: You’ll be able to get the latest tech up to a specific value set by your employer. Usually, the cost of your tech is spread over a period of time.

The monthly cost is then deducted from your salary. The rest of the terms and conditions will depend on your employer and the type of scheme they’re offering.


Holiday Scheme

With a holiday scheme, you can buy more annual leave.

Why it will help you: As a parent you might find, depending on your circumstances, that you’ll need to use a lot of your annual leave during half term. If this is the case, check with your employer to see if they offer a holiday scheme or a way to buy more annual leave. This way, you get more flexibility and more time to spend with your kids.

The details: Again this can depend on your employer. It can also depend on whether you work part-time or full-time and how many hours you work. Be sure to discuss this with your employer. The amount of days you can purchase may also vary, however there is usually a maximum amount set by your employer.


Corporate perks

Many employers offer corporate perks as part of their benefits offering, allowing you to make savings at a number of retailers across the UK.

Why it will help you: We’ve already mentioned some of the typical ‘Back to School’ costs. Usually your employer will offer discounts, gift cards or loyalty schemes with a ton of retailers. Make sure you check what discounts you can get from working with your employer to see what ‘Back to School’ savings you can make.

With the Salary Extras platform, employees save money on shopping cards and get access to loads of offers and discounts that they won’t get anywhere else.


Whatever the size of the company you work for, always be sure to check what perks you get for working with them. You’ll probably find benefits that you didn’t even know you had available to you. If your employer doesn’t offer employee benefits, or offer very little, put them in touch with us and get access to our exclusive Salary Extras platform containing all of the benefits mentioned above!


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