best offices in the world

The best workplaces and offices in the world

best offices in the world
By Hannah Palombella

Would you say having a ‘Fun office’ is important for business? Well it helps create a ‘Happy Office’, which is undoubtedly good for business. The best offices in the world have many things in common!

Throughout the world more and more businesses are designing innovative, trendy and quirky offices, creating an interactive environment where they get the most out of their workers. Companies want to attract new talent, by being recognised as one of the best workplaces in the world. Employers are aiming to develop a positive and communicative workspace, with healthy minded employees, in the hope of generating greater staff morale and boosting productivity by reducing staff turnover.

A major economic problem for businesses is the rising mental health issues, such as depression, causing more employees to take sick leave and lowering productivity.

The centre of Economic and Business state “Absenteeism costs the UK Economy approximately £18 Billion and approximately £23 billion in lost productivity.”


Office Envy?

Here are a few examples of some of the best workplaces in the world. Remember, try not to think too badly of your own office after reading these, we could call them office royalty, but hopefully they will inspire you to jazz up your own.



Google’s Zurich Office promotes complete relaxation and a stress-free environment for all their employees. The staff can receive a free massage, then head down to the wine cellar if they need to take the edge off. The site is also only a short walk from Lake Zurich, making a lovely and relaxing lunch spot for the staff to enjoy.

best offices in the world

Source: Business Insider

Bright HR, Manchester.

Being a HR company it’s not a surprise that Bright try and keep their own employees on cloud nine, keeping them active and motivated. Their offices include a 50ft indoor garden, with AstroTurf carpet prompting lunchtime football matches, bringing out people’s competitive side.

An employee said “This stuff actually works. From the game consoles to the informal meeting areas, the company encourages us to build team relationships, encourage creativity and boost productivity.”


best offices in the world

Source: Redbull


Ticketmaster’s HQ, appears to bring out the childish side of their employees, with lots of adult fun taking place. Their office includes breakout rooms and dance classes, however, the giant slide between floors seems to be the highlight. This encourages their workers to keep fit and active, while increasing employee engagement and stimulation.

best offices in the world

Source: RedBull


The BBC’s Salford base is one of the best offices in the world and thrives for their vibrant urban work environment, including an area for Segway’s. Their design focus is on collaboration with their ‘thought wheel’ chairs encouraging informal chats and meetings, the shared open spaces can also be quite private if needed.

best offices in the world

Source: BBC

How to make your office both productive and good looking?

Every company has its own specific needs when it comes to its office, but there are new design elements and trends that seem to be recurring throughout the world best workplaces and coolest offices.

    Have different themed rooms, make them unique, allow your staff to decorate their own desks, giving them more freedom at work.

    Break up the office, making your workspace open plan. Steve Jobs said: “ideas don’t happen in the boardroom they happen in the office.”

    Visual reminders of the Company’s success stories and goals, acting as a daily inspiration to employees.

    Casual individual workspaces, many offices feature lounges for workers to relax, making them feel at home.


The World’s best workplace 2018

best offices in the world

Source: Great place to work

Salesforce was voted the world’s best workplace by ‘Great Place to Work’, in 2018. Their commitment in welcoming people into the company and creating environmentally friendly workspaces, while giving back to communities is what separates them from other companies.

Salesforce new hire success Chatter group, is an online collaboration platform for new employees. This helps the new team members interact with experts within the company, improving their knowledge and experience for the job fast, building better employee relationships. This clearly works and results in happier more confident employees, who feel valued in their job and know there is a reliable support system available to them. 

An employee said “They really go above and beyond to make sure that each employee feels included and needed, and to make sure that we all have what we need to be successful. And the fact that they promote giving back to the community and encourage time away from work to do volunteer work is something I’ve never heard of anywhere else.” 


It is clear, the world’s best workplaces and offices are designed by focusing on the needs of their employees, aiming to create an environment where they feel comfortable and happy. This may be through updating its interior, or building a more collaborative workspace. In the hope of enhancing their employees work ethic and desire to contribute to the company’s success.

However, if your office isn’t quite made for giant slides or wine cellars then don’t worry, there are other simpler ways of creating a positive work environment with happy and valued employees. Caboodle provide a range of employee rewards and benefits, which are accessible to businesses of all sizes. In the aim of improving your company’s workplace by engaging and attracting employees, creating a more motivated workforce.


By Hannah Palombella, check out Hannah’s LinkedIn!