Caboodle launch brand new Reward and Recognition and Flexible Benefits

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We’re very excited to announce we’ve launched brand new Reward and Recognition and Flexible Benefits options for our Salary Extras employee benefits platform. These new options will allow Reward, Benefit and HR professionals see better returns on their reward and benefits programmes.


How do they work?

Our dedicated Flex Benefits and Reward and Recognition pages explain everything about each in detail.

Find out more about Flex Benefits.

Find out more about Reward and Recognition.

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Why Flexible Benefits and Reward & Recognition?

2019 is the year of flexible benefits and reward and recognition. Increasingly employees want and expect flexible benefits options and a more tailored benefits platform that suits them and their family’s needs. This is especially true in companies that have a workforce made up of a wide range of demographics.

Everyone wants to be recognised for their hard work. Reward and Recognition through Salary Extras is designed to make rewarding and recognising employees and colleagues easier and more effective, with multiple options available to both employers and employees. Increasingly, employers need to find ways to improve retention without handing out pay rises, and this is where Reward and Recognition comes in.


Developing for The Future

Our expert dedicated in-house development and implementation teams are at the forefront of all our newest employee benefits technology. We’re continuing to develop and improve our Salary Extras platform and our latest innovations are part of a line of new employee benefits features and options that will ensure the continuing improvement of the platform.


An Ever-Expanding Range of Benefits to Choose From

With Salary Extras, it’s not just the employer that has choice, employees have it too. There’s loads of benefit schemes available on our Salary Extras platform ranging from Bike to Work and discounted gym memberships to Holiday Trading and our brand-new Christmas Club scheme. We’re expanding this range of schemes all the time.


Tailored to You

Reward and Recognition and Flex Benefits can be tailored to meet your organisation’s needs. Customisable options vary for each. To find out more, take a look at our Flex Benefits and Reward and Recognition pages which explain in further detail, or get in touch and we’ll go through it with you.