Centre For Clinical Haematology


Cure Leukaemia’s fascinating Centre for Clinical Haematology

Centre For Clinical Haematology
Cure Leukaemia's Centre for Clinical Haematology is both fascinating and brilliant in equal measure. We were lucky enough to be invited down to Birmingham for a tour of the £4 million facility which has helped Cure Leukaemia give patients access to potentially life saving drugs and treatment. We also met some fantastic people who are at the forefront of what Cure Leukaemia do.


We met Professor Charles Craddock, who explained to us that the fundraising for CL means that the centre and hospitals around the UK are able to provide specialist nurses to co-ordinate clinical trials of new drugs to help improve the chances of survival for leukaemia patients.

Thanks to the support of CL, the clinical trials team at the centre are able to fast track the introduction of clinical trials, so they’re up and running within 9 months of the drugs becoming available. Charles told us how without the work of Cure Leukaemia, many of the pioneering new drugs wouldn’t reach patients in nearly as short amount of time.

We were also introduced to Donna, a clinical trial nurse and co-ordinator, who showed us around the unit. She explained that the unit helps to improve the patient experience by bringing together all the different teams that a patient comes into contact with, together under one roof.

Little touches like a coffee making facility funded by Cure Leukaemia help to make all the difference too.

We also met Georgia Thomas – a fundraising co-ordinator at CL. Georgia is the daughter of Geoff Thomas, ex England footballer who was treated for leukaemia at the Birmingham hospital 15 years ago, where the The Centre for Clinical Haematology is now based. Both Georgia and Geoff do a lot to raise awareness and funds for CL.

Seeing The Centre for Clinical Haematology in person gave us a new and fascinating insight into the work that Cure Leukaemia do. We’re really looking forward to raising more money throughout 2018 for this fantastic charity. Thanks for having us guys!


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