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How to communicate your employee benefits package

benefits package communication
Benefits package communication is a challenge many employers face. Getting the communication and branding for your schemes right is crucial. The research suggests that communicating about a wide range of employee benefits actually builds engagement and creates a more loyal workforce who are less likely to take time off sick, especially if the right health and wellbeing schemes are provided.

Which method works for you will depend completely on your company, it’s really a case of trial and error. A good place to start would be to survey your workforce before hand to see what methods they would prefer. Only by really understanding your workforce and the issues they face can you develop and deliver an effective communications strategy.

Printed materials can generate a buzz and share direct messages to employees this could be supported with some company wide email marketing.

Printed and electronic communications are one way to promote a new benefits package, but they have a short life expectancy. Eventually they become ineffective, renewing them helps prevent this, but again, they become out dated fairly quickly. One way to tackle this would be to hold events, workshops or campaigns to promote your new schemes. Something as simple as offering branded water bottles or gym towels to promote a new gym membership scheme can be enough to get a workforce motivated.

A more costly but excellent example is Danone, they created a garden theme for its ‘A great place to grow’ benefits package communication campaign. The campaign, which won the ‘Most engaging benefits package’ at The Employee Benefits Awards 2014, was used for games to enhance employees’ understanding. ‘Norman the Gnome’ was the star of the show, he and his Gnome friends were delivered to each area of the business helping to significantly increase employee engagement and perceptions of their benefits package.

If you start by understanding your workforce and the issues they face, you will start to develop and structure a compelling benefits package communication strategy. Creating a memorable experience will be a solution that appeals to most but traditional communication methods shouldn’t be over looked. Finding the right method for the right person should be the biggest motivator.

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