cure leukaemia


Complete! Our 80 days around the world challenge

cure leukaemia
On April 1st this year, we started our 80 Days Around the World Challenge. During the 80 days, we split into 5 teams, each tracking our miles covered competing against each other to see who could cover the most. The winning team covered a total of 4,279 miles!

As a company, we covered over 18,000 miles and raised over £3,500 for Cure Leukaemia! Here’s how we did it.


The 24 Hour Rowathon

A team of 10 of us took on a 24-hour rowing challenge, raising £1,265.19 in the process! We set up 2 rowing machines in Asda, Wolstanton (big thanks to Staffs Uni for providing them!) and kept them going from 3pm, Friday 12th April to 3pm the following day.


Emma’s Mission Slimpossible


cure leukaemia

Our Head of Operations Emma decided to set up her own slimming club to coincide with the 80 Days challenge. Anyone could take part, whether you wanted to lose or gain weight. Every week there would be a weigh in with a weekly fee of £1 if you moved closer towards your goal and £2 if you moved away from it – all proceeds going to Cure Leukaemia of course!

We’ll put out an update of what we’ve raised from this soon!


The Birmingham Vélo

Our very own Dave T and Catherine took on the 100-mile Birmingham Vélo and not for the first time! Dave and Catherine have done a fair bit over the years when it comes to fundraising, especially where bikes are involved!


Mick’s Military Bootcamp

cure leukaemia

Our ex-military man and Caboodle security officer Mick thought it would be a great idea to put us all through our paces in a gruelling military-style bootcamp! For everyone who took part, Caboodle donated £10. In the end, £170 was donated!


Dave G’s Abersoch 10K

Our Security and Development Director Dave took on the famous Abersoch 10k race, completing it in just under 50 minutes! He also raised £200 in the process!


Team Fundraisers!

We decided to give each team on the 80 Days Challenge £25 to use to raise as much money with as possible.

We had long treks, bag packing in Asda, cake sales, food stalls, henna tattoos, car washing and even duck racing!




We also had some awesome buffets along the way, with French, German, Italian, Indian, Chinese and all kinds of other cuisine! Turns out we’ve got some pretty decent chefs!

All in all, we covered 18,864 miles as a team and raised over £3,500!

We’ll continue to fundraise for Cure Leukaemia throughout 2019, so keep an eye out on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for more.