How to get more discount on Black Friday & Cyber Monday with employee benefits

In 2017, £1.4 billion was spent on Black Friday online in the UK. That’s an average of £170 per person! It’s predicted that Brits will spend more than £7 billion in total this year on Black Friday, with one in six of us planning to spend. Whether you’re one of those people or not, have you considered using your employee benefits for further discounts?

You might already get discounts at loads of retailers and stores already as part of your benefits package, however rarely will retailers allow you to stack discounts or even use discount codes on things that are already discounted. However, there’s another way to save which can be used on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Discounted gift cards!

Good news, you can use gift cards on discounted products! The further discount comes when you get gift cards at a discounted price. Regardless of how much you bought your gift card for, you can use it on any sale item from the retailer that the gift card is applicable for. So, how do employee benefits come into it?


How do employee benefits come into it?

Many employers now offer a range of discounts from loads of retailers across the UK as part of their employee benefits package. As part of this, they often offer discounted gift cards. For example, with Lifestyle benefits as part of the Salary Extras benefits platform, employees can get up to 20% discount on gift cards with an extensive range of retailers.

Of course, you can still carry on getting discounts at these retailers using these gift cards beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as these are usually available all year round. So, make sure you bear in mind discounted gift cards during any sales throughout the year. The Boxing Day and January sales are great times to use them!


What about those products not on black Friday sale?

So, you’ve been browsing through the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and you’ve spotted something you’ve been after for a while. But it’s not included in the sale?

While most retailers partake in Black Friday and Cyber Monday, whether they help businesses and their revenue is a different question. As such, some retailers will look for ways around slashing the prices of some of their best-selling products.

You might find then that some of your favourite products aren’t included in the sale. However, you can of course still use your discounted gift cards and get money off.

Want to get further discount? Check with your employer if they offer discounts at that retailer. As mentioned, while in most cases you can’t use more than one discount code, you can use your discounted gift card alongside it.


What if my employer doesn’t offer these benefits?

If your employer doesn’t offer discounted gift cards and discount codes for your favourite retailers, recommend us to them and we’ll set you up! If you’re an employer, get in touch and we’ll help you out!


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