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10 employee rewards every team needs

employee rewards
Employee rewards that are creative, fun and engaging are often what make the workplace great!

There’s a real opportunity with rewards to think outside the box and create and strengthen a culture that you and your team will love.

It’s one thing rewarding your team and it’s another rewarding them in a way that will be remembered.

Try these effective employee rewards and even let them inspire some of your own!

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Gift cards

They are a classic reward, aren’t they? And for good reason! They are simple, quick, easy and effective and they’re pretty difficult to get wrong.

A gift card that covers lots of different stores is one of the most effective employee rewards you can hand out.

They are made even better if handed out by managers or peers who know the employee well (and their shopping habits of course!)

The value of the gift card is of course entirely up to you. Switch it up and offer different gift cards for different stores too.


Charity donation

Donating to a charity close to someone’s heart is a great gesture and one of the most personal ways to reward someone!

A person’s chosen charity can be important to them for a million different reasons. They might currently be fundraising for their charity or have worked hard fundraising for them in the past.

It could also help strike up a partnership between the company and the charity itself which has loads of benefits for everyone involved!


employee rewards

Tuition or course fees

One of the biggest barriers for anyone looking to progress in their career is the cost of further education.

This can vary for different courses and fields of study. However, pursuing a course could help give an employee a boost that could set up the rest of their career!

Some staff might want a complete career change. Some may want to turn their hobby or passion into their career as part of your company.

There are loads of areas in which someone can study! Some staff may even want to learn first aid or even become mental health first aiders.

Offering to help further an employee’s career and develop their skills is a fantastic way of rewarding someone for their hard work!


Time to work on a passion project

This is something more and more companies are adopting.

Google, for example, have a “20% time” policy where they encourage all staff to take 20% of their time to work on their own passion project.

Often employees spend time creating something that relates to their role and will ultimately benefit the business.

As a reward this has multiple benefits. Not only could it help benefit the business directly, it also contributes to the overall wellbeing of staff in helping them reduce stress and work on something personal to them!

Imagine having more time to work on your own personal project? Sounds quite therapeutic right?



Spotify, Headspace, Netflix, Beer52, almost everything is subscription based these days isn’t it?

The beauty of this as an employee reward is you can tailor it to suit your budget by choosing how long a subscription you want to offer as a reward.

It’s also very personal, which also happens to be the tricky part. This is where your managers come in to save the day! (which is a common theme in this article.)

There’s scope to really think outside the box with this employee reward. Subscriptions can even be shared across the family too!


Time off

This could be an early finish on a Friday or an extended lunch break for example.

Speak to the employee and find out which best suits them. They could need a little extra free time here or there to spend with family or friends.

Giving a little extra time off also helps prevent burnout and can be just what someone needs for their overall wellbeing.

It could also be just the reward your team needs at the end of a tiring project!

There’s a lot of scope and flexibility with this employee reward so make it suit you and your staff!


employee rewards

Tickets, Tickets, Tickets

Again, empower your managers! This is where someone who knows your staff and team comes in to give the right reward.

It could be for an event, a theme park, a holiday, an experience day or whatever is within your budget and whatever best suits the employee.

It could be a pair of tickets or even a family pass. Either way, as long as it’s personal to the employee it’s a winner!


Personalised thank you from everyone

Ask your team to each record their own personalised thank you message, put them all together in one video and show the employee just how much they and their efforts are appreciated by everyone!

It’s simple, personal and free but it’s also one of the nicest and most personal ways of showing appreciation for someone.

It’s a great way to show everyone’s appreciation at once which makes for the biggest impact!


Health club membership

A health club membership as an employee reward is a great way to support and promote health and wellbeing amongst staff.

Whether it’s use of the spa or the gym, the employee can choose how they use their health club membership. Whichever way they use it, it’s a great way for them to improve their overall health and wellbeing!

Different health club memberships come with different perks with some even including free classes!



Mentorships have tons of benefits for everyone involved.

They’re particularly great for staff at the beginning of their careers but they’re also great for the mentors themselves who have the opportunity to demonstrate skills as part of a mentorship that can help increase their employability even further.

Experienced staff have a huge amount to offer! Within any business there are staff who have experience from all backgrounds in all careers and of course those who have got invaluable experience building and leading a company.


Thinking outside the box can often provide the best rewards

Rewarding an employee is a big opportunity to get creative! The last thing you want are boring, repetitive, and predictable rewards.

So, while the rewards mentioned here are great, it’s also up to you to think of and create rewards that are unique, interesting and valuable.

It’s a bit like buying a present for someone, you know when you listen out for little clues? Maybe they mentioned their son wants a new pair of football boots, or they’re struggling to cover the cost of tuition for a course they’re doing.

Maybe your rewards could help! It’s these things that can be the difference between boring, predictable rewards and interesting, personal rewards.

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employee reward

Rewards that can all be delivered digitally through your rewards platform

It’s now more important than ever that rewards can be awarded digitally, easily and quickly. That’s why all the employee rewards included here are can be sent through your online reward platform.

For managers and for employees rewarding and recognising their peers, having everything in one place on an online digital platform is easier, more efficient and more effective.

For more on how this can benefit your business, take a look at our Reward and Recognition page or get in touch for a free demo.


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