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Why we’re fundraising for Cure Leukaemia again in 2020

caboodle cure leukaemia
2020 is our 3rd year as an official charity partner of Cure Leukaemia! Since we began fundraising for them in 2018, we’ve raised over £15,000 and we’re still going!

We’ve formed a great relationship with the guys and girls in the #CLFamily and we’re hoping to take our fundraising to the next level this year.

We can’t wait to get started! Keep reading to find out more…

Need some fundraising ideas for your company? Here are 12 of our favourites that have helped us raise more than £15,000 for Cure Leukaemia


About Cure Leukaemia

Cure Leukaemia are a blood cancer charity based in Birmingham that help fast-track clinical trials to blood cancer patients across the UK. They fund a network of expert research nurses at 12 blood cancer centres and their work continues to save countless lives.

They’re on a mission to put themselves out of business called Mission Possible, in an effort to accelerate the search for a cure for Leukaemia within the next 15 years, effectively removing the need for the charity.

We’ve met Cure Leukaemia CEO James McLaughlin, Professor Charlie Craddock who is integral to the work that Cure Leukaemia do, Jackie Kelly who has been key to our fantastic relationship with the charity, and patron and former footballer Geoff Thomas who has championed our fundraising and continues to support us and Cure Leukaemia.


caboodle cure leukaemia

Our ever-growing relationship with Cure Leukaemia

Since we became an official charity partner of Cure Leukaemia in 2018, we’ve not only raised loads for the charity, but we’ve formed a fantastic relationship too.

We’ve visited the Centre for Clinical Haematology in Birmingham where the charity is based and met the nurses and professors who research and carry out the life-saving treatment. We’ve also been visited by the guys and girls from Cure Leukaemia and told stories of how every penny raised goes towards saving lives.

In 2018, we raised just over £6,700, with Bake Offs, raffles, buffets and even a sponsored head shave!

Read our full article on how we raised over £6,700 for Cure Leukaemia in 2018 here.

In 2019, we took it up a notch and raised over £9,200. We had too many fundraisers to mention including rowing for 24 hours, sponsored walks and “The Apprentice” style team challenges.

To see how we raised over £9,200 for Cure Leukaemia in 2019, take a look at our Just Giving team page.

Not only has our fundraising helped build our fantastic relationship with Cure Leukaemia, it’s also helped bring us all closer together and helped us achieve our fitness goals too!


How we’re fundraising this year

When it comes to fundraising, this year will be no different. We’ll still be throwing ourselves into challenges and pushing ourselves to achieve things we’ve never done before!

We won’t give too much away at the moment but keep an eye out on our blog for fundraising news and updates!

You can also stay up to date by following us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We’re aiming to raise more than we’ve ever raised before and have fun in the process!


caboodle cure leukaemia

London 2 Paris 2020

This year, 6 of the Caboodle team are taking part in this year’s London 2 Paris cycle ride to fundraise for Cure Leukaemia.

Catherine, Robbie and LJ who are taking part this year completed the 300-mile cycle ride last year too, while this year it’ll be the first time Mick, Kate and Gareth take part in the 4-day event!

They each have individual targets of £1,400, while the team’s target is set at £8,400.

The guys and girls taking part in L2P will also be doing their own fundraising events which we’ll be helping to promote!

To see how much they’ve raised so far, take a look at their Just Giving team page.


We’re aiming to raise more this year for Cure Leukaemia than we’ve ever raised before. If you’d like to donate and help us reach our target, head over to our Just Giving page. Every penny goes towards helping Cure Leukaemia put themselves out of business and find a cure for blood cancer.


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