gender pay gap

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Gender pay gap

gender pay gap

Consultation is ongoing on how this will actually work. We would urge you to have your say and read more in the link below.

Closing the gender pay gap

But you need to know something…

The pay gap is not the same as equality of pay as set out in the equality act, which means that roles of equal value should be paid the same irrelevant of whether the employee is male or female.


The pay gap is also about access for women to all roles in an organisation, some that typically pays more, engineering, science roles, senior management, and board of directors etc. which may have historically been deemed male roles.

So for some businesses with the bulk of their female workers in lower paid roles, administration, call centres etc. the pay gap could be higher, even if you have robust equal pay policies.

What do I do?

Before you rush to look at pay you need to also take a look at:

  • Your flexible working policies
  • Your talent pipeline – Internal and External
  • How you’re removing the myth of male and female roles in your company
  • How you support working families

At Salary Exchange we have a great track record in helping companies deliver solutions that are the right fit for them and their people.

Whether you want your Total Reward package to stand out from the crowd to help wow Graduates and Apprentices

Or whether you want to introduce flexibility into your business with:

  • Holiday Trading (Allowing employees to flex their down time to suit them)
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Lift Sharing
  • Travel loans

We can help

It’s all about breaking down the barriers that may stop someone of any gender applying for a role with you, demonstrating how you engage with your people and giving employees the flexibility and choice they want.

Why not give us a call and we can have a chat about how we can help you.