medical benefits for employees

What are the key medical benefits for employees?

medical benefits for employees
You could argue that now more than ever our health is under the spotlight.

Naturally in the midst of a pandemic we’re more likely to prioritise our health and wellbeing and look for ways in which we can protect and improve it.

This presents an important opportunity for HR to really review and consider the effectiveness of the company’s health and wellbeing proposition for employees.

Thankfully, there’s an array of medical benefits for employees that can help support the goals of your staff in improving and maintaining good physical and mental health.

Here we cover the key medical benefits for employees we believe every company should consider as part of their employee health and wellbeing strategy.


Dental Cover

We recently looked into some of the research around employee benefits undertaken in recent years to determine what type of benefits employees want the most and Dental Cover came up as an important and popular benefit in multiple studies.

While some people are eligible for free dental care, not all those, particularly in employment, are eligible and must pay for things like routine check-ups.

Dental check-ups are a part of all of our lives, as much as a trip to the dentist can be an annoyance or even a little daunting.

Dental Cover is a scheme that will appeal to all your staff and thus has a high chance of good uptake with the right communication, making this employee benefit a no-brainer as part of any health and wellbeing strategy,

With Dental Cover on Salary Extras, there’s different levels of cover available and the scheme is simple, easy to set up and easy to administrate.

There’s more on the scheme on our Dental Cover scheme page.


health cash plan

Health Cash Plan

The Health Cash Plan is one of the most flexible medical benefits for employees and can be highly tailored to suit the company and the employee.

The Health Cash Plan provides cover for a wide range of everyday healthcare and treatments and is an employee benefit that is becoming more and more popular.

The company has a range of options when it comes to how the scheme is funded. Different levels of cover can be offered to employees depending on how much the company wishes to fund the scheme.

Alternatively, employees can be given the option to increase their level of cover in an easy and affordable way.

With the pressure the National Health Service has faced in recent times, medical benefits like the Health Cash Plan are becoming more and more important and employers who offer schemes such as these are becoming a more and more attractive proposition to work for.

There’s more information on the Health Cash Plan on our Health Cash Plan scheme page, including some more key benefits the scheme could have for your business.


Health Assessments

With our health under the spotlight, prevention has become a key priority. The key to any health and wellbeing employee benefits provision is a balance between prevention and cure.

Again, a really important aspect of this scheme is its flexibility. Employees have access to a number of different health assessments which help provide a comprehensive view of key issues a person may face, such as diabetes, heart health, cancer risk and emotional wellbeing.

A key benefit of this scheme is the peace of mind it provides. The pandemic has caused a lot of worry and anxiety when it comes to our health.

For your staff, their overall motivation, productivity and happiness can be affected greatly by worries and anxieties over their health, which have affected many throughout the pandemic.

Health Assessments help give a comprehensive view of a person’s health giving them greater peace of mind and a greater understanding of how to improve their overall health.

Find out more about how Health Assessments could work for your business on our Health Assessments scheme page.


private medical insurance

Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

PMI is sometimes thought of as a benefit offered by larger organisations, but more recently this hasn’t always been the case.

PMI covers the cost of private medical treatment and can vary in the levels of cover it provides.

Today, where the public health service in the UK is stretched and has been for quite some time, access to private medical care is becoming hugely important.

The strain on the NHS doesn’t look likely to end any time soon. Employers, however, have a key opportunity to establish themselves as an employer of choice by offering healthcare benefits such as PMI.

A key barrier to private medical care has always been its accessibility. With PMI, a company can help address this key concern.



Recent research found that 50% of people have used screens more since the pandemic began and 38% reported they believed their eyesight had worsened as a result.

Whether increased use of screens are having a real effect on people’s eyesight or not, eyecare is another area of our health and wellbeing that is under the spotlight.

Like dental care, eyecare is something we all need to consider, whether it’s cure or prevention.

Research by the World Health Organisation found that of 2.2 billion people who have vision impairment or blindness across the world, 1 billion cases could have been prevented.

This makes schemes like the Eyecare Voucher scheme important for everyone in your business. Therefore, it’s a benefit that is more likely than not to be received well and utilised by a large majority of your workforce.

We’ve recently wrote about how the Eyecare Voucher scheme works and there’s more information on our Eyecare Voucher scheme page too.

The Eyecare Voucher scheme is a key medical benefit for employees and helps cover another important area of health and wellbeing for your staff, contributing to the effectiveness of your health and wellbeing strategy and making your company an employer of choice.


medical benefits for employees

Adapting to a new world and new wants and needs of employees has been a big challenge for HR since the pandemic began. At the heart of this is the importance of your health and wellbeing strategy.

Medical benefits for employees have arguably never been more important, particularly in the UK where the NHS is under huge pressure.

It’s well-known and widely accepted that healthier employees are happier and more productive.

This time presents an opportunity for employers. Helping employees meet a key need for easily accessible healthcare in these times is one of the best ways to build their affinity and relationship with their employer.

Employers have an opportunity to genuinely support and help employees. Medical benefits are a hugely important part of that. So, consider these benefits as part of your health and wellbeing strategy and take the opportunity to make a real positive difference to the lives of your employees!