office christmas decorations

Our 12 Favourite Office Christmas Decorations

office christmas decorations
🎵 It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 🎵 Time to break out the office Christmas trees and dust off the decorations. A well decorated office at Christmas is a work of art and we’re here to help.

Here are our favourite office Christmas decorations!


Office or Workplace Decorations


Personalised Christmas Stockings

office christmas decorations

This idea doubles up as a reward as well as a festive office decoration!

If you’re a manager, why not reward your staff with their own personalised Christmas stocking? Put some gift cards, chocolates, candy canes and a personalised thank you message in there and let your employees know you appreciate their hard work.

A personalised Christmas stocking would make a nice gift for a friend at work too and it makes for a nice Christmas decoration for their desk too!


Festive Flowers

office christmas decorations

Whether it’s at the reception desk, a visitor waiting area or a meeting room, just about every office or workplace has at least some flowers or plants dotted around the place.

Add some baubles and Christmas ornaments to your flower displays and get your office feeling a little more Christmassy with this subtle decoration idea!

Even better if you’ve got someone in the office with an Alan Titchmarsh-esque eye for flower arrangements!


Festive Photo Wreath

office christmas decorations

Source: Guide Patterns

A set of office Christmas decorations isn’t complete without a wreath!

For your workplace, go one step further and add some staff photos to make it that bit more personal. You could even have one for each department!

A great excuse to break out the Polaroid camera and get creative.


Christmas Welcome Door

office christmas decorations

Source: Pinterest

Whether it’s for the workplace reception or for your own personal office, spread the Christmas cheer with a welcome door!

Some simple decorations, some mince pies and Christmas snacks for visitors will go down an absolute treat.

The more Christmassy and more creative the better!


Go mad decorating your front desk!

office christmsa decorations

Source: Pinterest

Get your visitors in the Christmas spirit and your employees feeling festive as soon as they walk through the door in the morning with a Christmas themed front desk!

Whether its tinsel, Christmas stockings, Christmas lights, wreaths or any kind of decoration, give everyone that festive feeling as soon as they walk in to the workplace with a well decorated front reception.

It might not completely easy the pain of the morning commute, but it’ll certainly get everyone in the mood for Christmas!



office christmas decorations

Source: Pinterest

Lights, lights and more lights! We’re not saying go as mad as the picture above, but whether they’re on the tree or placed around the office, you can’t have Christmas decorations without lights.

You can also get Christmas lights to suit your company colours, which we’ll explain a bit further on….


Christmas Countdown

office christmas decorations

Source: Pinterest

The month of December seems to fly by with a Christmas countdown on display!

Go for a simple Christmas countdown ornament or even do a branded one for your own company.

Go mad and have fun with this idea! Anything to remind everyone how close Christmas is will go down very well in the workplace!


Our Favourite Desk Decorations

Go mad decorating your own desk! Okay, don’t go too mad, but decorating your desk for Christmas is a great opportunity to add your own personal Christmassy feel to the workplace!

Here are a few of our favourites.


3D LED Christmas Lamp

office christmas decorations

Source: Pinterest

We absolutely love these! There are loads of different varieties and not just for Christmas.

This makes a nice, subtle little Christmas decoration for your desk.

There are loads of different colours too and this might just be the most futuristic Christmas decoration you’re ever likely to see.


LED Light Up Ball

office christmas decorations

Source: Business Insider

A simple decoration but one that will definitely get you in the mood for Christmas!

These can be picked up just about anywhere and they come in plenty of different styles to suit your desk Christmas decorations.


Desk Calendar Countdown

office christmas decorations

Source: Pinterest

Having an office Christmas countdown calendar is great, but having your own personal one will almost certainly get you excited for Christmas!

It could be a big calendar like the one above or a simple, smaller desk calendar.


Mini Christmas Tree

office christmas decorations

Source: Pinterest

We’ve all got our own way of decorating the tree, so if you’re not happy with the big company trees, get your own mini Christmas tree for your desk and decorate it just how you like it!

The options are endless for mini desk trees and they can be picked up at plenty of different retailers.


Snow Globe – Make your own!

office christmas decorations

Source: Pinterest

There’s a couple of options when it comes to snow globes.

There’s no shortage of these available at department stores, but why not make your own?

Having your own personalised Christmas snow globe could be the final touch your desk needs!


Office Christmas Trees


Customise Your Christmas Tree Lights

office christmas decorations

Source: PC Mag

These Christmas lights let you change the colour of your tree to virtually anything you like!

It’s all controlled through an app and you can use it to set your tree up any way you like, and you can even set your company colours.

It doesn’t just have to be used on a tree either and can be used to decorate any area of the workplace!


Caboodle Trees!

We’re quite proud of our own Christmas trees.

Every year we get our creative heads on and go to town decorating them and as it turns out we’ve got a very creative team!


Department Themed Christmas Trees

office christmas decorations

Source: Pinterest

Why not go for a department-themed tree like this one put together by one company’s software development department?

This is one that will really get the creative side of your brain going.


Christmas Tree on a Budget

office christmas decorations

Source: Metro

If you’ve not got a Christmas tree at your workplace, sometimes some green tinsel and some lights will do like this creative design!

It’s also great for if you’re struggling to find space in your workplace for a good size tree.


Have a competition!

A bit of competition between departments on who can decorate their Christmas tree best is guaranteed to bring out some interesting and creative ideas!

Choose a prize and reward the department which comes up with the most innovative and creatively decorated tree.


Try a few of these and you’ll definitely get your whole workplace in the festive spirit! Even if it’s just a few small snow globes or Christmas stockings, don’t let your office go without Christmas decorations this year!


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