staff awards ideas

Staff awards ideas

staff awards ideas
Looking for unique and creative staff awards ideas? We’ve tried to cover all the bases here ranging from awards you’ll find in most businesses to those that will be unique to you. We’ve even thrown in some creative ways to present your awards!


The standard staff award ideas


Long service award

For any organisation, this is a must. If you’re going to go big on any award, make it this one. Not only will the individual feel more appreciated, but others will see how much you value everyone in the business, particularly those who are loyal!


Anniversary award

Again, show your employees how much you value them! Take the time to recognise when they started and how long they’ve been at the company to the day. The more years they’ve been at the company the bigger the award!


Employee of the month/quarter award

This is probably one of the most used of all the staff awards ideas. Recognising employees for their performance is another thing every company should do. Whether it’s every month or every quarter it’s up to you. According to research, less than 30% of all staff feel valued by their bosses.


Performance award

This could be for someone in the sales team who’s brought in the most clients/customers for the month, a customer service advisor who’s received the best feedback, or someone who’s generally performed well in their role in the last month. It could be someone who’s overcome significant pressure or difficulty in their role.



Creative office awards ideas


Going above and beyond award

Pick out someone who’s gone the extra mile or done something out of the ordinary! It doesn’t always have to be work related. Maybe someone’s done something nice for a colleague or raised money for charity? It doesn’t even have to be a regular award. Simply hand it out as and when you feel necessary!


Team Impact Award *If you only use one of these staff awards ideas, make it this one!

Maybe there’s a department or a team that’s achieved something significant for the company recently? It could be that they’ve overcome difficult circumstances and continued to deliver. Rewarding them will not only make them feel valued but will let everyone in the business know what they’ve achieved and how important it is for the company!


Leadership award

This doesn’t necessarily have to apply to someone leading a successful team or department. It could be that one of your managers has helped an employee develop their skills and deliver success. Listen to your employees and see if they credit someone in particular for their successes.


Chairman award

Whether it’s the Chairman, CEO, Founder, Co-founder, Managing Director or otherwise, receiving an award from a senior figure in the business means a lot to any employee! If there’s someone who’s impressed the boss, give them a personalised award and let them know they’re appreciated.


Health & Fitness award

Chances are there’s someone in the business who’s turned their health around or exceeded their fitness goals. Whether it’s weight loss/gain, quitting bad health habits or even achieving something like completing a marathon, let the person know you’ve recognised their achievements!


Peer to Peer award

The best office awards ideas don’t just involve bosses. Give your employees a chance to award each other. Employees could come together and decide that there’s someone on their team they’d all like to give an award to.


Retirement award

Retirement is a major time in a person’s life. Let them know you recognise all that they’ve achieved, not just in the time at your company but in their career as a whole.


Volunteer award

Those who volunteer and go out of their way to help others should always be rewarded!


Award in style


Post on social media

Take a picture and post it on the company social media (with the person’s consent of course!) and tag them in. Show everyone you appreciate and reward your employees! This can be done for all the staff awards ideas we’ve mentioned!


Take everyone out

For smaller companies, a great way to show appreciation is to take everyone out for a meal or drinks. This is a great opportunity to present your awards!


Wait until their birthday

If the person’s birthday is on the horizon, take the opportunity to make their day that bit better (providing they haven’t got the day off of course!)


Have a company trophy

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a trophy, it could be something related to the company that gets passed around to people who receive awards.


Wall of fame

You may have heard of this one before, but having a wall of fame is a great way to show everyone who’s been rewarded recently!


However you reward employees, put some thought behind it. Thinking through your office awards ideas may only take a couple of minutes, but as long as you’ve put in the effort, employees will always feel rewarded!


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