employee wellbeing

How to support employee wellbeing in 2021 with employee benefits

employee wellbeing
The key to supporting and improving employee wellbeing is having both preventive and responsive measures in place.

Thankfully, there are loads of employee benefits out there that can help support your employees and your objectives that will fit into your budget.


3 key areas to consider when looking to improve employee wellbeing

When it comes to improving employee health and wellbeing, there are a few key areas to consider.


Physical wellbeing vs. mental wellbeing and how the two support each other

These are the two main areas to consider when it comes to employee wellbeing and they both support each other.

When your mental wellbeing has taken a hit, staying physically active is much more of a challenge. Equally, if you’re unwell or not usually physically active it can be much harder to get into the swing of it.

Good mental wellbeing supports good physical wellbeing and vice-versa! It’s important to remember this when selecting the right employee benefits.


The root cause of the problem – avoiding a ‘sticking plaster’ approach

When it comes to physical or mental wellbeing challenges, helping employees target the root cause is key. This is important to consider when selecting wellbeing employee benefits.

For example, financial wellbeing is a key concern for employees according to research by financial wellbeing experts Neyber. Poor financial wellbeing can ultimately lead to poor mental wellbeing.

So, while providing an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) in this case might help employees combat their money worries, the root cause of the problem may persist without proper support, guidance or intervention.

In this case, providing financial wellbeing benefits may be more appropriate in helping employees tackle their overall wellbeing too.


Other options to support employee wellbeing

On top of providing wellbeing employee benefits, there are lots of other options available in helping support employees with their wellbeing.

For example, many companies have begun offering subsidised monthly subscriptions to mental wellbeing apps like Headspace to help staff build their mental resilience.

There’s also mental wellbeing in the workplace to consider and there’s an array of options when it comes to training employees in mental health.


employee wellbeing

Employee benefits to support physical wellbeing

There are a number of great benefits out there to help employees prevent and treat illness and keep themselves and their families in great physical shape.

We all know how the NHS has been stretched to its limit in recent times, with operations and appointments cancelled or pushed back.

Access to the right healthcare for everyone is crucial. Thankfully, there are lots of fantastic employee benefits available to help with healthcare but also to help with staying physically active.


Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

PMI is one of the most well-known health and wellbeing employee benefits and is often offered by larger employers. That said, it can be introduced to staff by employers of any size.

PMI helps cover the cost of private medical treatment for employees and, like lots of insurance policies, comes with all kinds of features and arrangements that can help you find a policy suited to your employees and your budget.



The Eyecare employee benefit makes eyecare cheaper, easier and more accessible for employees.

Typically, it involves eyecare vouchers and helps employees save on glasses upgrades while helping employers keep staff safer through preventive eyecare treatment.

According to research by the World Health Organisation, at least 2.2 billion people in the world have vision impairment or blindness, of which over 1 billion cases could have been prevented or haven’t been addressed, which makes benefits like Eyecare incredibly important.

For more, read our full guide on how the Eyecare Voucher scheme works.


Dental Cover

Dental work is a routine part of our lives, whether it’s a usual check-up or more extensive work.

However, the cost remains and only looks likely to increase. Dental Cover helps employees claim back on the cost of their dental care.

In 2021, getting a dentist appointment might just be more difficult than ever after many have had appointments pushed back or cancelled in recent times. Whether this affects the cost remains to be seen, but regardless, any savings on healthcare will be well received in 2021.


Health Cash Plan

For more comprehensive health cover, the Health Cash Plan provides an array of options and is a staple of any health and wellbeing employee benefits offering.

Levels of cover vary dependant on contributions from the employer and the employee and family can be covered too on a range of healthcare treatments.


Health Assessments

When it comes to our health, spotting the signs early can be crucial.

Offering Health Assessments to employees as an employee benefit is a hugely important preventative measure and one that employees are likely to take up more than ever in 2021.

As an employee benefit, there are a range of assessments available to cover all areas of a person’s health.


Gym Scheme

The Gym Scheme as an employee benefit helps make the gym and health clubs more affordable for staff.

In 2021, employee financial wellbeing as well as employee health and wellbeing will be top priorities for most businesses and so it’s important to help make the gym more affordable for employees.

Whether it’s a monthly or yearly payment, employees can save a huge amount in the long run with the Gym Scheme.


Bike to Work

The Bike to Work scheme took off in 2020. New government investment in public transport combined with the effects of lockdown took the popularity of cycling to a new level.

Employees can save up to 42% on a new bike and accessories with the Bike to Work Scheme.

Many have embraced cycling as a way to get fitter, boost their immune systems and improve their health and its popularity only looks set to continue.

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employee wellbeing

Employee benefits to support mental wellbeing

Employee Assistance Programme

The EAP provides a 24/7, completely confidential support channel to employees to help staff combat all manner of mental health challenges.

Mental health charities have really felt the strain throughout 2020. They’ve been tasked with supporting the nation with its mental health through an incredibly tough time.

Therefore, getting a mental health consultation or support can be tricky and sometimes there can be a long waiting list. The EAP is able to provide support any day at any time, which could be hugely valuable throughout 2021 and beyond.


Healthy Living Education

Providing an easily accessible and comprehensive resource library as part of your employee benefits package can be both a preventive and a responsive measure in tackling overall wellbeing.

This can be included as part of an employee benefits platform. When it comes to our health, a quick Google search often does more harm than good.

So, having a healthy living education library on hand for staff is a great way to support employees in choosing their next steps on their path to better overall wellbeing.


A focus on finances

As mentioned, our overall wellbeing can be affected by a number of things, our financial situation being one of them.


How a recession could affect mental wellbeing

When selecting health and wellbeing employee benefits, think about the factors that could affect the mental and physical health of your employees going forward and how your benefits package could combat this.

For example, how could a recession affect your staff? A focus on saving employees money in the right areas could be key in 2021.


Why financial wellbeing is an important part of your employee wellbeing strategy

It’s a core need for all of us to have financial stability. Without it, we risk also affecting our mental health.

Debts, struggling to make ends meet and a low ‘safety-net’ are all examples of financial problems many people face.

After record borrowing levels and the economy in recession, along with the effects of Brexit, there are lots of things that could affect all our finances through 2021 and beyond.

With this in mind, when selecting your health and wellbeing benefits, consider any other employee benefit schemes that could help staff with their finances and make their pay go further this year.

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The choice is yours!

The great news is you have a huge range of employee benefits to choose from!

It could be a single scheme or an effective mix of employee benefits that compliment each other and help address all the right areas.

There’s a combination of benefits that suit your HR objectives and your employees down to the ground but finding it can sometimes be a tricky task.

Often, a big stumbling block in making this a reality is the time and financial investment it takes to bring a number of different benefits under one roof.

According to research by Employee Benefits, 84% say budget is the biggest barrier to introducing benefits they would like to offer.

The more benefits, the more providers you have to work with and the more time and money it usually takes to implement and maintain your employee benefits provision.

However, by working with an independent employee benefits provider, this whole process is simplified and made to fit within your budget.

Caboodle Technology are one of the UK’s leading independent employee benefits providers to reward and engage your workforce.

We offer the whole kit and caboodle to reward and engage your staff and can provide anything from a single scheme to a fully bespoke employee benefits and engagement platform.

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