Switching benefits provider is easier than you might think

Switching benefits provider might seem too daunting a task to be worth your time and effort. Furthermore, why would you want to switch in the first place? Maybe you aren’t hitting engagement targets or you’re spending too much. Maybe you’ve not seen the improvement you’d hoped for from a recruitment and retention point of view.


In the long run you could actually save money with a new benefits provider. This could come not only through a lower cost for a new platform, but if your scheme take-up increases you could make more NI savings. Benefits like Holiday Trading are great for this as one of the most cost-effective employee benefit schemes out there.

A new platform with a new provider more often than not means you’ll get access to newer schemes and technological innovations in employee benefits.

Whatever the reason, switching benefits provider is actually a simple, hassle free process.


Have everything in place ready for when you switch

Once you’ve decided to switch, we’ll start immediately setting up your Salary Extras platform ready for the day your current benefits agreement ends, so your employees won’t go without employee benefits. If your current agreement ends the day you decide to switch to us, it’ll take no longer than a few working days to get you set up with the standard version of our Salary Extras platform.

With enterprise and highly-tailored versions, it can take a little longer. However, with the options and flexibility you get with this kind of platform it’s well worth the wait! These can also be set up in time for when your current benefits agreement ends, provided enough notice is given.


What is involved in switching benefits provider?

One of the differences between a company switching to a new provider and being set up with benefits for the first time is that they’ll be required to pass over information on those employees currently enrolled in benefits schemes. For example, you might already have employees who are enrolled on your cycle to work scheme or childcare vouchers, and they’ll need to continue in those schemes with the new provider.

Again, when switching to Salary Extras, this is all made simple and we handle everything for you, letting you know what we’ll need from you in order for us to make the process hassle-free.


No additional switching costs

We’ll help you get set up on our Salary Extras platform with no additional costs involved. The only extra costs you might have to worry about in switching to us will be from your current provider. The costs associated with switching to us are the same regardless of whether the company is switching from a current provider or not!


The same process for everyone

Regardless of the size of your company or number of employees, the process is the same and we’ll handle everything.

This goes for all elements of the process, making switching to Salary Extras quick, easy and hassle-free!


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