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4 ways employees are using the Technology Scheme during the COVID-19 pandemic

technology scheme
In adapting to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, many of our usual needs and habits have changed dramatically.

The pandemic has seen people opt to cycle rather than take public transport. It’s forced many to work remotely, while it’s also taken its toll financially too.

One of the biggest changes has been our use of technology. Suddenly lots of us, including businesses, have had to rely on technology to help us adapt to the effects of the pandemic.

As a result of many of the changes we’ve experienced, demand for employee benefit schemes has changed. The focus in this article will be the Technology Scheme.

The Technology Scheme gives employees a more affordable way to get their hands on the latest tech, helping spread the cost at a time where many look to manage their finances.

So, why has employee use of the Technology Scheme risen since the start of the pandemic? And what is the scheme being used for?

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technology scheme

Remote working

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) as of November 2020, 42.7% of working adults in the UK are working remotely due to social distancing measures.

This shift towards remote working has increased our reliance on tech dramatically.

Most employers have been able to facilitate this by providing all the equipment needed for their employees to work remotely.

However, extra equipment like an additional monitor or other computer hardware can make remote-working-life a little easier and more efficient.

This is where employees have been able to use the Technology Scheme to make their home office upgrades more affordable and the transition to remote working a little easier.


Education utilising technology

Home-schooling has played a vital part since the start of the pandemic in helping students stay on top of their education during isolation.

Even with schools open, the threat of closure due to the pandemic is still something parents have to consider and make arrangements for. This means having the equipment needed for home-schooling is still important.

Universities have also had to put strict measures in place, meaning lectures have been cancelled and students have been forced to study from their homes or residence.

So, how has the Technology Scheme helped with all of this?

For parents in particular, it has helped them afford reliable tech and equipment for their families to help their children and loved ones continue their studies during periods of isolation.

The scheme has helped parents tutor their children while their school has been closed. It has also helped parents provide the equipment needed to make what has already been a difficult and isolating year at University for many that little bit easier.


technology scheme

Connecting with family

The pandemic has brought us Zoom quizzes, virtual parties and helped protect many of those having to shield from the virus from feeling isolated.

Staying in touch with our loved ones has often meant a video call or phone call. Even as restrictions ease, lots of us may still utilise this way of getting in touch for a quick natter with our loved ones or when on holiday for example.

Staying in touch with our loved ones is hugely important to us. Therefore, we want reliable tech that will make it quick, easy and without any interruptions. Importantly, we also need it to be affordable.

The Technology Scheme has helped and continues to help employees stay connected with their families and friends by making brand new tech more accessible and more affordable.


Home entertainment

With more restrictions and less places open for business, there’s no doubt we’ve all spent more time at home than we used to.

As a result, we’ve relied more than ever on tech to keep us and our families entertained.

Whether its gaming bringing family and friends together or movie nights in, technology has helped keep our spirits up and alleviate boredom.

Managing work-life balance and switching off in our downtime is still as important as it always has been. The Technology Scheme has made this easier for employees by making new tech more accessible and affordable.

With Sony and Microsoft ending 2020 by launching brand new gaming consoles, there’s no doubt the popularity of the Technology Scheme will continue.


technology scheme

Affordability is key

Much of the focus of employee benefits since the start of the pandemic has been on helping employees manage their finances.

Our reliance on tech has increased but so has financial uncertainty. Therefore, the Technology Scheme has become ever more important in helping make technology more affordable.

A new PC monitor, laptop or home entertainment technology often comes at a big initial cost. The Technology Scheme helps spread that cost, giving employees greater control over their finances.


The Technology Scheme is cost-effective for employers too

It’s not just employees looking for greater control over finances, employers need it too after a tough year.

Fortunately, the Technology Scheme is cost-effective and easy for employers to implement.

The company has full control over when the scheme is open for employees and how much they’re able to apply for.

For more information on how the Technology Scheme works, get in touch and we’ll walk you through the full details on the ins and outs of the scheme as well as how the scheme can benefit you and your staff.