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Employee Assistance Programme Benefits

employee assistance programme
The ability to provide confidential advice and support is one of the many great employee assistance programme benefits.

An EAP is a completely confidential helpline service, and a great way to provide support and help for employees facing issues in their home or work life. An EAP usually offers a 24 hours a day, seven days a week service and the best programmes also provide access to face to face counselling should an employee need it.

It’s clear that an EAP will promote employee wellbeing and can help to improve mental and physical health. An article from employeebenefits.co.uk in 2015 outlined that the research published by Capita Health and Wellbeing has shown just how effective an EAP can be. Analysing data on more than 3,500 employees that used an EAP, it found that the percentage of employees struggling with workplace pressures fell from 51% before counselling to just 5% afterwards.

For an employer, providing an EAP not only demonstrates a company’s commitment to their duty of care for their employees, but will also support productivity and attendance. A healthier happier workforce means lower sickness absence rates, increased productivity and higher levels of engagement. The list of employee assistance programme benefits goes on and on.

If you’re interested in setting up an employee assistance programme for your employees, or if you’d like to recommend it to your employer, get in touch!

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