what is flex benefits?

With Salary Extras, it’s not just the employer that has choice, employees have it too. With flex benefits, you can set an allowance for your employees to spend on schemes however they wish.

When an employee applies for a scheme, they’ll get the option to contribute to it from their flex benefits pot. They can either contribute some of their flexible benefits allowance from their pot to cover a percentage of the overall cost, or they can use their pot to cover the cost of it all, providing they have enough funds in their allowance.

The employee’s flex benefits pot allowance is set by their employer. The employer chooses both the allowance they give the employee and how often they refresh their allowance.

employee benefits

  • More choice of benefits employees can access
  • Employees get to tailor their benefits to better suit them and their family
  • Staff feel more valued and in control

employer benefits

  • Increased employee engagement
  • An extra added dimension to your company’s reward and recognition offering
  • Higher scheme take-up
  • Supports recruitment and staff retention

features of flex benefits


As flex benefits is developed, you’ll get access to all the latest new features and updates, so your flexible benefits platform is always up to date with the latest technological features.

to you

Flex Benefits will be tailored to suit you and your business, ensuring it fits your company like a glove, so you’ll always have the best solution for your business.

Simple and easy to manage

You’ll be able to set employees up with Flex Benefits and set their allowances in minutes. Monitoring use is also quick and easy.


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Integrate with Reward and Recognition

Why not reward your employees with an extra Flex Benefits allowance with Reward and Recognition on Salary Extras?

Peer to peer

With Peer to Peer recognition through Salary Extras, employees can send personalised ECards to their colleagues.

Employee award

The employee award section of the Salary Extras platform is the home for all your staff awards.


Reward your employees through Salary Extras with financial and non-financial rewards.