Health Assured

Health Assured is the leading employee assistance programme (EAP) provider in the UK dealing with many of the UK’s leading organisations across private, public and non-profit sectors. They have a wealth of experience and a proven track record in delivering innovative and robust solutions which benefit employees and drive best value for employers.

Their employee assistance professionals have many years of experience of dealing with EAP solutions and all the issues which surround stress-related absence, well-being and preventing employee litigation.


BHSF Limited is a market-leading not-for-profit health insurer. BHSF insures 375,000 people through 225,000 policies. Most of these help customers with their everyday health costs – that do not come free or easy on the NHS – such as optical, dental, therapies, health consultations and much more.

Three quarters of BHSF’s business is transacted through employers who pay the premiums for their employees or alternatively offer payroll-deduction arrangements. Employees therefore enjoy corporate rates which are heavily discounted.

Nuffield Health

We have partnered with Nuffield Health to provide a wide range of health assessments from a lifestyle assessment to a full 360 + plus assessment.

All these provide a comprehensive health check for long-term health and peace of mind.

So if your employees are worried about something, or just curious to know more, a health assessment gives them a full evaluation of their health.

If a person knows their body better, they’ll feel more confident about what they need to do to help prevent future health issues, whatever their current condition.



Love2shop is the UK’s top multi-retailer gift voucher and prepaidgift card, accepted at over 100 major retailers with more than 20,000 stores UK wide. was launched in 2014 as the hub of everything Love2shop, to provide a range of retailer, reward and incentive solutions for businesses, plus online shopping, card management and offers for everyone else.

Halfords Cycle2work

We have teamed up with Halfords who have run the Cycle2work scheme for over 11 years and have helped over half a million employees cycling to work make significant savings. Cycle2work has saved employees money on fuel, car parking, train and bus fares. Not only that but it’s also saved valuable time waiting for public transport or stuck in traffic.

Setting up a Halfords Cycle2work scheme helps your employees reduce their carbon footprint. And by promoting alternative travel, you’re confirming your status as a green employer.

We also partner with a wide range of other Lifestyle benefit companies to provide your employees with the latest offers and discounts.

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