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Our Salary Extras employee benefits platform is highly flexible and configurable allowing us to deliver the perfect solution to both small and large organisations.

We have 2 main platform options to choose from – Foundation or Enterprise. Both these options offer different levels of flexibility and can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Here’s just some of the key features standard to both versions of the platform. We can include additional extras to suit you.


A simple, branded and user-friendly home for all your benefits with a built-in communication hub to engage staff.

All the features of Foundation:


Simple for staff to register and with clear navigation, even the biggest technophobes will find it easy

fully responsive

Your staff can access the site on any device including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, iPads and mobiles

your branding

Personalise your employee benefits platform by adding your company logo, so your staff know its a package of benefits for them

fully customisable

Complex needs taken care of – single sign on to payslip, pensions providers or even different rewards for different employees

host all your benefits

Including your own company benefits and those from other providers too making it easy for staff to apply

full integration with HR

Link up your internal HR and payroll systems for seamless processing of scheme applications with your payroll

add new benefits over time

Add new benefits as and when you need to keep enhancing your employee benefits package

reward and recognition tool

Peer to peer messaging allows you to acknowledge staff achievements and a job well done

employee agreements

Staff in schemes affecting their pay and conditions can access agreements through their personal account

company document centre

Include your own company information like policies, procedures, health & safety information

keep tabs on essential reads

Great for mandatory training, you can run reports on who’s read key documents and send reminders to individuals

built-in global messaging

Talk to your employees as and when you need to and keep them informed about benefits and company news

useful news facility

Tell staff about events or benefit information to boost scheme take up

calendar functionality

Built-in reminders to keep your staff informed about events and scheme launches

company directory

Makes it easier for employees to find company contacts across your business

help desk and email support

Our UK based team of experts are on hand support both you and your employees

streamlined admin

Online scheme applications and approval facility in real time, cutting out paperwork

essential payroll reports

Real time access to reports on pay deductions so you can run your payroll efficiently

management information

Access real time MI through the integrated admin system to easily monitor things like scheme take up and site visits

promotional material

Great for employee engagement, you can download material to promote your schemes

a great range of benefits

Offering a great range of employee benefits helps ensure maximum engagement and enhance your platform


A comprehensive and bespoke branded employee benefits platform to support specific or complex needs.

Everything in Foundation, plus all of this:

full site branding

Give your platform a look and feel to fit with your company brand or we can design unique branding for you

bespoke url

Choose your own url to fit with your company or benefits branding making it easier for staff to remember

dedicated server

You have the option of of a dedicated server to host your HR platform and help support any complex requirements

scheme eligibility

Make different employee benefits available to selected staff, or set specific limits for groups of employees

full flex options

Everything from enrolment to eligibility, our technology is as flexible as you need it to be

single sign on

Directly connect to other benefits, pensions or online payslips for staff to access everything they need

integration with HR & Payroll

Cut down on excessive admin and ensure payroll and HR processes run smoothly

total reward statements

Staff can see the value of their package with an online statement of their pay and benefits

all the latest technology

With the ability to deliver benefits and features using the latest web services

multi company configuration

Platform features specific to each of your group of companies

integrate external benefits

Single sign on to other employee benefits providers or host it all on Salary Extras if you prefer

bespoke payroll reporting

Minimise administration by aligning reports to your exact requirements

a platform full of features

Our Salary Extras employee benefits platform is designed and built to be flexible enough for small business or for big businesses with complex needs.

Both our Foundation and Enterprise versions of the platform come packed with features to help make your life easier and keep your employees engaged.


All your benefits in one place

The Salary Extras platform can be a home for all your benefits – including your own and those from other providers


Engagement tools

The communication tools built into Salary Extras are really simple to use – so you’ll find it easy to maximise your employee engagement


Streamlined admin

Monitor scheme take up, manage application approvals and even download promotional material to promote your schemes


Promotional material at your finger tips

You can download all the promotional material you’ll need to promote your scheme from the integrated administration site


A home for all your company information

Store company info, policy documents, health and safety documents and lots more so your employee have everything they need


Easy access to management information

The integrated administration site lets you see visitor statistics and access payroll reports to run your monthly payroll deductions

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