our platform options

Our Salary Extras employee benefits platform is highly flexible and configurable allowing us to deliver the perfect solution to both small and large organisations.

We have 2 main platform options to choose from – Foundation or Enterprise. Both these options offer different levels of flexibility and can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Here’s just some of the key features standard to both versions of the platform. We can include additional extras to suit you.


A simple, branded and user-friendly home for all your benefits with a built-in communication hub to engage staff.

All the features of Foundation:

  • user-friendly
  • fully responsive
  • your branding
  • fully customisable
  • host all your benefits
  • full integration with HR
  • add new benefits over time
  • reward and recognition tool
  • employee agreements
  • company document centre
  • keep tabs on essential reads
  • built-in global messaging
  • useful news facility
  • calendar functionality
  • company directory
  • help desk and email support
  • streamlined admin
  • essential payroll reports
  • management information
  • promotional material
  • a great range of benefits


A comprehensive and bespoke branded employee benefits platform to support specific or complex needs.

Everything in Foundation, plus all of this:

  • full site branding
  • bespoke url
  • dedicated server
  • scheme eligibility
  • full flex options
  • single sign on
  • integration with HR & Payroll
  • total reward statements
  • all the latest technology
  • multi company configuration
  • integrate external benefits
  • bespoke payroll reporting

a platform full of features

Our Salary Extras employee benefits platform is designed and built to be flexible enough for small business or for big businesses with complex needs.

Both our Foundation and Enterprise versions of the platform come packed with features to help make your life easier and keep your employees engaged.

All your benefits in one place

The Salary Extras platform can be a home for all your benefits – including your own and those from other providers

Engagement tools

The communication tools built into Salary Extras are really simple to use – so you’ll find it easy to maximise your employee engagement

Streamlined admin

Monitor scheme take up, manage application approvals and even download promotional material to promote your schemes

Promotional material at your finger tips

You can download all the promotional material you’ll need to promote your scheme from the integrated administration site

A home for all your company information

Store company info, policy documents, health and safety documents and lots more so your employee have everything they need

Easy access to management information

The integrated administration site lets you see visitor statistics and access payroll reports to run your monthly payroll deductions

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